Hi there, I’m Paula Melissa!

I am a freelance writer, lifestyle content producer, presenter and creative director. I run Paula Melissa Co.

My creative journey started back in 2012 when I created my first blog in a bid to share my voice with the world! Fast forward to now and I am creating a digital media empire, built on my passion for people and their stories. I am a Journalism Studies (with Employment Experience) graduate from the University of Sheffield, multi-award shortlisted content creator and speaker.

My blog and YouTube channel, Paula Melissa, are an open communal diary of the different aspects of everyday life and finding glory in the beautiful little things that make us human. Things like faith, hope and love.

I am the Founder and Producer of SheHH: the podcast and Instagram community. The SheHH Podcast is a collection of interviews with women in the front and behind the scenes of Christian Music globally. SheHH aims to promote women in music ministry, encourage upcoming artists and foster community among Christian women over a love of music.


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